Sunday, May 23, 2010

On The Bus

In the city
on a bus
stopped in traffic.
I look out the window.
A bird sits atop a parking meter
singing its best for
all those who would hear.
An unusual bird
perhaps a young goldfinch.
I feel a sense of wonder.
Such an urban place,
if I hadn't been on the bus
I never would have noticed it.
I felt blessed by its presence.
You see, I have this thing about birds:
some times they seem to appear to me
in the oddest places and times.

Like the ducklings playing in the water left
in muddy tire ruts-
in a city backyard.
Or the goslings taking their time
crossing the highway in front of my car
when I'm late for an important interview.

Birds come to me to as a sign
of reassurance or provide
a change in perspective.
To make me laugh-
to brighten my day.
To help me step out for a moment
and see things differently.

I turn to the person across the aisle and quip:
'I wonder if it put a quarter in the meter?'
He looked for a moment and replied:
'Or if someone put a quarter in the bird?'

Those around us laugh.
Thank you, God.
copyright 2010 thebloggedsink


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Beverly's Stamping Beehive said...

Yesterday we rescued a baby golden finch that was injured and crying out from the sidewalk in the front of our apartment building. There is a great place here in Toronto called the Toronto Wildlife Center who we called and they offered to see the poor sweetie first thing today. Sadly the poor little mite was too ill to save and they put it down. We spent nearly $50 today getting there in a taxi and I would do it again tomorrow!

If any readers can donate to worthy organizations I hope they do! They receive so many calls during migration season.

Anyways, the bird had a nice peaceful night with us :)

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