Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ocean Sigh

As the tide came in, like the thundering of applause,
the waves met the rocks on the beach. The gulls
called out sheer exuberance as they alternately
winged and soared, gliding on the rising air current,
calling ''ole'' and whistling their approach.

Farther down the shore, the ocean smoothly arrived
on the sandy beach. It seemed as though the sand
was thirsty seemed to reach out to
the water as if to say, "More, more, give me more!"

The ocean repeatedly tried to slake that thirst. It
seemed the sand issued a long, sighing "AHH"
when the ocean covered it, then would fall silent
when the the water receded.

Slowly, the tide calmed, and the sand cooled with
the setting of the sun.
copyright 2009 thebloggedsink