Saturday, October 18, 2008

early creative writing

(as I sort through boxes of 'stuff' I continue to run across creative writing efforts from my junior and senior high school years. Some of it isn't bad. I posted it here with out correcting spelling errors).

fallin fall leaves
along a country road
the trees are black
burned out shadows of
beautiful things once there.

the road ahead is hazy for
this part of the woods,
the smoke of an unforgetable past still lingers here.

the water bubbles past
(as though it's) trying to clear away
old memories
to make room for the new happiness
soon to be sought in this
small corner of the world.
June 30, 1975

You came and brought warmth,
When you left,
It turned cold.
January 10, 1976

i'm looking at it, now it shall never be the same,
i'll erase it, scribble on it,
scrawl over it,
reshape it,
make it something special to me.
July 9, 1975

the two of 'em sitting side by side
one could be a shadow of the other
shiny, is one, reflecting
the other, dull, with two rings 'round it and
darker streaks going down
one forward, the other back alittle,
almost shadows of each other.
July 9, 1975
(note: today I have no idea what it was I was describing...)

Friday, October 17, 2008

ENERGY politics

as stated on line, the presidental candidates policy on American Energy, according to Wordle
First Obama, taken for his policy on his website. The only change I made was to remove "Joe" and "Barack"

and now from McCain, again taken from the policy published on his website
the only change I made here was to add McCain 8 times, so his name would show up fairl large (with Wordle, the more times a word is repeated, the larger it will be)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Creative Writing, September 29

Part I prompts: "buzz" and "shortly before sunrise"
Shortly before sunrise---
Why is it always shortly? Have you ever heard any one refer to a time frame of longly before sunrise? I recently read an article in a writers magazine about proofreading your work, being especially aware of the dreaded part of speech, I think it was adverbs (I never figured out how to diagram sentences, or why). To wit: if I write shortly before sunrise--I should rewrite a short time --or long time, before sunrise...
Any way, the buzz that started out by my feet cautiously approached the head of my bed. Quiet at first, them more insistant, it settled first behind my back (I sleep on one side or the other). It faded, then returned, this time settling down near my chest, increasing in tone so much that I can feel it as well as hear it.
I am, of course aware of what is causing this phenomena, and am doing my best to ignore... after a while the noise and vibration stop. Next I feel a light tentative tap, usually on an arm or shoulder. Frustrated by my lack of response and presumed inattentiveness, the next attempt is harder to resist- I quiet buzz restarts, on my pillow right next to my head. Her paw reaches out to touch my chin, and then I am nudged with the top of her head, and rub me--still I will ignore the prompting until...
The thing I cannot resist-she comes face to face with me-tickling my face with her whiskers...yet I know if I could just resist a bit longer...I jump all at once, and she will jump back a good 6 to 8 inches--
I make her live up to her name "Spooky"