Tuesday, September 02, 2008

For Better or For Worse


I have two comic strips bookmarked to follow on a daily basis: one is Frazz, about a janitor/triathlet/musician who works at the same grade school he went to as a kid. The other is For Better or For Worse (FBorFW). On Sunday, the author, Lynn Johnston announced that she is ending the progression of her characters lives. The strip will still be published, she will be using strips from 'the early years' when the strip was much easier to draw and write; along with some 'new-old' strips mixed in. It seems as the years past, her characters took on lives of their own--and possibly nearly took over hers as well....!! For me, the new-old strips will be just as fine, as I didn't really start to read the strip until the youngest child, April was born.