Monday, July 16, 2007

G is for GRIEF!

Bruce A. Rahn

1954 - 2007

Recovered Alcoholic

Bruce Rahn is my brother. Some friends doing a health and welfare check on him found him dead from natural causes at his town house this weekend. I will write more later, when my mind can put more then two sentences on the same topic together at the same time.... there is much feeling/emotions swirling in my heart right now. Please pray for me and my family, especially for my Dad.
For now I will borrow from an e-mail sent out by Bill B., a chaplin at the Alano Society where Bruce was a member and on the board:
This is a request for prayer both for the fallen and the friends.
It is with great sadness and shock that we learned this evening of the passing of Bruce Rahn. And I ask for prayers for Bruce; his family and his friends.
I also wish you to pray for Harley and Bill T. who discovered Bruce's body this evening.............apparentlly he passed several days ago.
Bruce was a veteran, a loyal friend of Bill W., and a faithful servant at Twin Lake serving on the Board and volunteering when ever possible.
Bruce also volunteered at Minneapolis Intergroup and loved to bowl and play cards.