Saturday, April 29, 2006

...On the Pascal Mystery

"In his death, Jesus shed the limitations that were part of his earthly experience, and once those limitations where shed, thd Spirit was released.

I have an image for all this which is not very theological. It comes from an old Abbott & Costello movie, I believe. Through some fantastic means the two of them had become ghosts and could not be seen. In order to make themselves known, they put on clothes made of ordinary materials. Because they were ghosts they could pass through walls and floors without difficulty. However, when they tried it with their non-ghostly outfits, the clothing simply fell to the floor as they passed through the wall. I sometimes imagine that in his experience of death, Jesus passed downward through the floor and left behind all the limitations which were part of his human condition. He still remained like us, but because he accepted even death he shed the limitations which are part of our human conditions in this life." --Keith Clark, Capuchin; An Experience of Celibacy,Ave Maria Press 1982,p. 74-75