Friday, January 06, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings (week 152)

  1. Celebrate:: the Child who is the Light, now the darkness is over (lyrics from a Michael Card song
  2. Resolve: to keep my apartment neater
  3. I need to:: clean up this mess
  4. Call:: it a toss-up
  5. Token::game pieces
  6. Brand:: New Year!
  7. Comparison:: I'm great! there is no comparison!
  8. Far away:: my Godson, in the Army and deployed to Iraq...
  9. Artful:: individual snow-flakes
  10. Fantastic::plastic fantastic lover (lyrics from Jefferson Airplane)

Anagram fun

I was filling out a crossword puzzle recently that gave me the Britney Spears/Presbyterian clue/answer that I posted a few days ago. That got me to thinking which I admit can be dangerous for me. I did a Google search for an anagram website, which led me to Then I was thinking, what should I anagram? Something pertinent. I got it! I input "the blogged sink" and hit enter. In a few quick seconds I had a list of at least 500 "sentences", although most of the words were pretty obsecure. I'm going to share a few of the more interesting results with you, along with some eye-rolling comments ;)

    1. Bogged Shot Link : Natural Resources info. on illegal lead shot (used to weight fishing lines)
    2. Bleed Ghost King : Do ghosts bleed?
    3. Boggled He Stinks : after playing Boggle for 4 days straight with out a bath...
    4. Belted Hog King : Biker with a belt to hold his pants up?
    5. Blend Egg Shit : add three cups of crap to the mix and blend at high speed for 4 minutes or until runny
    6. Behold Gets King : and Prince Charming too?
    7. Beds Ogle Knight : Ohhhh! it is Prince Charming, what a hunk!
    8. Sob Ledge Knight : I found out he was already married, and felt so awful I was think of jumping out of the castles' tower window
    9. Be Geld Knight So : but then I thought, he's the one who cheated, so I gelded him
    10. Bldg seeking Hot :...start of a help wanted ad for a plumber?
    11. Blond's Eight Keg : new label of beer, made by blond women who can't spell 'blonde'
    12. Blighted Keg Son : fella who just celebrated his 21st birthday
    13. Bold Geek Night: a class for those learning HTML
    14. Belting Desk Hog :violence in the workplace--I hit the fool taking up more then their fare share of the space
    15. (Knocking on the bathroom door) are you almost done it there? (Answer) Bee Kind-(I am) Shtg a Log!! (grrrruntttt)
    16. ...and my personnal favorite, because it is true, I have Blighted God Knees from praying for you.